A Round with Me

I think I mentioned it before in my blog, I have been quite busy lately stretching my pens and my imagination to create card designs for the 123 Greetings Studio. Golf being one of my passions, I have developed a whole series of funny golf cards for some of the annual events like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc… I will do some more later on this year, but for the moment, I am done with golf, and here is a little video featuring most of these cards.


3 Responses to “A Round with Me”

  1. Emma Says:

    Superbe montage Miki ! les amateurs de golf vont se régaler avec toi !
    J’adore ta petite souris et ton Père Noël qui jaillit de partout.
    J’aime aussi beaucoup la musique qui l’accompagne. Elle donne la pêche.

  2. sai kiran nagineni Says:

    Amazing creativity Mik! Your paintings and work are touching!

  3. Miki Says:

    @ sai kiran nagineni
    thank you very much, these are very touching words, i deeply appreciate them1

    @ Emma
    la musique qui l’accompagne, c’est un blues que j ‘ai demandé a Kevin de chanter. je l’avais entendu la première fois dans un très bon film de golf, et j’avais adoré. La chose étonnante étant que bien que ce soit un blues, comme tu dis, il donne la pèche!!!

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