Happy Thanksgiving

I have heard that some people in the world are celebrating Thanksgiving today. Well, to be honest, I have no connection to this feast, but being friend with Susan and Bob Cornelis in the USA, and having worked on some ecards designs, it brought this event a little bit closer to me. Anyway, I have heard that Thanksgiving involves some turkey in the oven…

This card is especially dedicated to golfers… only they might understand the wit?

And now a thanksgiving card for the bullfight lovers… here we come to a most delicate part of my recent life. All my funny bullfight ecards -and it was quite a lot!- have been banned from the ecards company for which I create designs, because a particular organisation in Europe called Irish Council Against Blood Sports has complained to the cgretings cards company for promoting BullFighting cards since its a cruelty against animals. They have expressed their displeasure that this blood sport is used to convey feelings of Christmas and Thanksgiving etc …

In their own website, they have described my art as “entirely inappropriate and utterly distasteful”

This was yesterday. I must admit that I am very upset and went into some deeper thinking state to find out how I want to proceed now. If I can find the time, I might write a post explaining my feelings, but at the end, the fight against the fanatic anti bullfight crusaders has become very boring for me and I am not sure that I want to waste any further second of my life with them. we shall see.

Anyway, here is my “utterly distasteful” thanksgiving piece for bullfight fans, and yes: they still exist, and there are many of them around the world!



2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Joël Says:

    Oh Miki, quel éclat de rire en découvrant tes dernières peintures ! J’adore cet humour décalé…. Ma préférée est le “birdie” !

  2. wrjones Says:

    VERY well thought out and conveyed in paint. So inspiring. I think I will become a turkey fighter. I will put on some very tight bright colored pants with a large bulge in the antenna area. If I can’t “drum – stick” up some female admirers, I will just have a hamburger.

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