May the Advent Light Always Shine on You

There is hardly a feast which has some emotional importance to me, except Christmas and Advent. I do love Christmas, even if I have been forced many times to spend it in a way which did not match my dreams… but well, these times are past now, and I am looking forward to Christmas this year with the impatience of a child… although, to be honest, we both are far too impatient to wait until the right moment to discover our mutual gifts. This is a huge mistake, it tales a little bit away the charm of the Christmas gifts unwrapping, but on the other side, it allows us to enjoy these gifts a longer time… my rational excuse to my impatience! What we have got this year is something very special, something which massively increases the life quality of our “Palace of Pleasure” how we now call our home…. I might show you at some point!

I was really confronted with the Advent time first when I went to live in Germany, and I loved it a lot! Spending 4 weeks actively waiting for Christmas, with all kind of nice things like Advent Calendars, Advent Kranz. etc is simply the right way to lead to the Christmas climax. I especially love the tradition of lightening a new candle on each Advent Sunday, starting 4 weeks before Christmas.I have lightened the first candle today, unfortunately alone, as Kevin is away,  gigging in Belgium

So here we are, today is the first Advent and here is my piece for you.

(as always available to send for free as ecard from my ecard gallery at the 123Greetings Studio)


6 Responses to “May the Advent Light Always Shine on You”

  1. Emma Says:

    Je crois que j’en parle tous les ans mais je suis pareille à toi, je n’aime pas trop ces fêtes.
    Mais je ne sais pas pourquoi, je sens que cette année sera bien différente des nombreuses autres précédentes 🙂

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Can’t wait to find out what is your Christmas surprise for your home. . .not the sauna? This is a very sweet e-card! Candles are also one of my favorite ways to lighten up this dark time fo the year.

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Emma
    Bonjour et Heureux advent pour commencer!
    Je crois que tu m’as mal comprise. En fait j’aime beaucoup Advent et Noël, et j’ai toujours aimé! La seule chose est que la plupart du temps, dans le passé, j’ai été obligée de faire pour Noël des choses que je n’aimais pas, et ça gâchait tout… mais c’est fini çà, et moi aussi je pense que cette année Noël sera merveilleux, en tout cas pour Kevin et moi. Je te souhaite la même chose, Emma, pour toi et toute ton adorable famille… big christmassy hugs!

    Hello my dear friend! No, the Christmas present is not the sauna, that was long before! I will make a post about it, so keep coming back! But i warn you: it is a very “silly” gift!
    Our Christmas time here in the Almeria desert is not datk at all, the sun is shining so bright still, it si wonderful! But sometimes I do miss the winter atmosphere, the heavy grey sky outside and the candles inside, the chimney, the snow…
    in fact i used to like the winter when i was living in Germany! Well, one can’t have everything… although we are trying very hard! 🙂

  4. Emma Says:

    🙂 ça m’apprendra à travailler mon anglais ça !
    Ici, ce sont tous les préparatifs qui sont magiques : notamment le sapin. Et c’est prévu mercredi car mon petit boue d’impatience !

  5. wrjones Says:

    A marvelous painting of light!!!

  6. sittingpugs Says:

    This picture makes me smile.

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