Back from the Blues

Mon Dieu, mon Dieu, where should I begin?

I have  abandoned this blog for a long time now, precisely since the end of November 2009, apart from a brief appearance on Christmas Day to politely wish everybody a “Hairy Christmas from No Man’s Land”. Don’t ask me now why I wrote that from No Man’s Land, I can’t remember. I just know that these had been tough times for me, in fact not really for me personally within our Paradise, but well, being part of a loveable but quite complicated family, I cannot avoid to share their problems… and believe me, there was a lot of them at that time, the result being that I gradually stopped doing anything, writing, painting, laughing… yes, it was a hard time. The only thing which kept me going was the thought of leaving soon, Kevin and me having planned and booked an 8 week trip through some USA Southern States, starting in Nashville/Tennessee, down the music Highway and back. On many occasions I thought we would have to renounce to it, but eventually we took the plane in Almeria for Nashville on the 9th  of January.

Kevin has written many interesting posts about our trip, in Cafe Crem as well as in his own site I had not the energy to do the same, my only intention there being to relax and to enjoy. I didn’t even sketch much there, perhaps the only thing I regret. But well, the things I normally like to sketch when I travel were not there (lovely artistic or historic villages/towns), and what I would have liked to paint, the music world there, I couldn’t do it. Most of the places we went to to listen to live music were dark, and if by chance there was some band gigging in the street, the temperatures were too low to enable me to draw.

The following sketch is one of the few I did, it was at our first gig in Nashville, in the afternoon, in a bar called “The Second Fiddle”. At that time, I was amazed by “the size” of some Americans, and by their cowboys/cowgirls hats, this is why I couldn’t resist to draw there (almost blind as I could hardly see what I was doing)…

By the way, Kevin has started writing a new album, “Blue Odyssey”. According to his own words:

” it will be a musical diary of our 2 month trip around the American south, specifically in Nashville, Memphis, Clarksdale, New Orleans, Austin and Little Rock – and the musicians and musical influences we encountered along the way…”

If you are interested, you can follow this new musical adventure in Moore:Music


2 Responses to “Back from the Blues”

  1. Susan Says:

    Not bad for an “in the dark” sketch! Someone gave me an idea recently for sketching live performances when you are sitting in the dark. You put on one of the forehead lamps and direct it down to your lap!. I haven’t tried it yet, but makes sense?

  2. Miki Says:

    Hi Susan, nice to see you in my “Infinity”!
    Yes, i guess the idea with the forehead lamp works. It is just not very discreet, but well…
    Another possibility would be one of these tiny reading lamps lamps for books, which you click directly on the book. Kevin got me once as a gift at Gatwick Airport not a long time ago. Be sure that i will take it with me next time when we go to a dark place where I would love to sketch, it is such a great idea!

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