The Jazz Vipers in New Orleans

I had the nice surprise yesterday evening to be contacted by Bruce from New Orleans, he had found my last post with the painting of the trombone lying on a chair, He sent me following mail:

“Hi Miki,
I posted your article on today’s Ladder (down toward the bottom of the post with the Music).
We would really be honored to Hang your painting there as well? Your permission and Aw’Dat?
I used to live around the corner and hung out on Frenchman all the time before the Flood.
Here is where we have placed another fan’s work:
~Route 66 from my living room window by Polly Jackson
We are a daily Nola blog and clock around 250 hits/day.
Let us know, if not that’s of course cool too. Folks can just go check it out anyway on the post!
Thank you,”

Due to the cheerful sound of the words, especially the “AwDat” I felt at once transported back to New Orleans, and felt a deep nostalgia for that place. We definitely have to go back there, and we are already speaking of October perhaps, if nothing is in the way…

Anyway, I sent him back the following mail

“Hi Bruce,

nice to meet you! I am very glad to hear from somebody from New Orleans, I am back in Spain now and missing your town, the people and the music quite a lot (although Spain is great too!).
Thanks for posting the link to my blog, and yes, of course you can hang the painting there. I have just finished 2 paintings of The Jazz Vipers in The Spotted Cat, let me know if you want to see them and post them in your blog another time.
Be sure that I will regularly visit your blog, this will surely help to keep the great memories alive.
Take care “

So, if you want to see my painting in the New Orleans Ladder and read some good words,   “Yay Here!”

Here they are, my first two paintings of musicians in New Orleans. Both belonging to the Band The Jazz Vipers, whom we saw in our very first night in New Orleans, in The Spotted Cat, on Monday the 1st of February 2010. It was for me the first time that I attended some jazz live, and I simply loved it. It was a real delight to my ears, the playing as well as the singing, and to my eyes as a painter. These guys look really great on stage, and their connection to their instruments looks really symbiotic.. If he happens to read this,  I send a particular hello to Jack Fine, the trumpeter, with whom I had the delight to speak French. And I hope with all my heart that we will meet again there, one day… perhaps in October this year?

I  have also merged the two paintings to have all Jazz Vipers together, I’ll publish it next time.

5 Responses to “The Jazz Vipers in New Orleans”

  1. deanjbaker Says:

    very good to see this

  2. Citizen K. Says:

    Wonderful painting!

    It’s so important for artists to get the word out about NOLA. Good visual art of the city is hard to come by — it’s often cliched for tourist purposes, plus the main tradition of the city is aural. I hope you go back, and highly recommend the first weekend of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. (The first weekend has a higher concentration of NOLA and Louisiana musicians; the second features the national acts).

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Citizen K.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful comment, went really deep down !
    I was in Nola just before Mardi Gras and in the time when the Saint won the Super bowl, and had really not much time to check the local art there. Next time…
    I have just checked the dates of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and unfortunately we won’t be able to make it, but how we ‘d loved to!
    But we will try to attend the Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival in Helena in October this year!

    Nice to see you here and to get some reaction, I was really happy about it.

  4. Kurt Says:

    Love your paintings from the Spotted Cat. It captures my own memories of this place. My wife and I stayed at a B&B down the street and walked in here at 5:30 in the afternoon after hearing stride piano music lingering down the street, to discover this guy playing solo piano- the best, most authentic stride playing I’ve ever heard. Later he was joined by a tap-dancer on the small wooden stage, warming up before his swing dance class. One of those rare, special moments… one I doubt you’d find outside New Orleans!

  5. Miki Says:

    Hi Curt
    thanks for visiting and for this wonderful comment! Made me feel “homesick”, kind of 🙂
    I loved New Orleans, I felt “at home” at once when I was there, and I was so sad to leave…
    An amazing town, with its heart beating everywhere!

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