Playing with the Moroccan Light

So, I am back to my series of Fantagolf, which I started last Autumn. Our champions from the European PGA Tour are playing in Morocco this weekend (Trophée Hassan II, Royal Golf Dar Es Salam), and I hope to get some inspiration for new art works. It is quite a difficult thing with golf paintings not to get too repetitive, and especially for me not to get bored after a while. But well, golf courses are generally beautiful landscapes, and each one has its own peculiarities, which are surely worth a painting. And anyway, each golfer has his personal swing, generally a beauty of movement, and it is always a pleasure to paint them.

Making a fast psychological analysis of my golf paintings, it is easy to see that I mainly react to a beautiful light on the golf course, to colourful outfits and to elegant or dynamic movement. With regard to painting above, which I did tonight, I was basically inspired by the light on the tree trunks… it was just wonderful! Then I added to the composition the spectators and the golfer and a ball flying around… some might argue that the light falling on  him does not correspond to the light on the trees, but really, I don’t care, it is my artist’s freedom… It just looks so transparent like that, almost spooky… but happy spooky, like the trees, so in this sense, all fits together.

PS: And if you want to see my last golf portrait and read about Men in The Pink…


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