The Dogs Parade in New Orleans

It was this year in February in New Orleans, some days before Mardi-Gras. We were attending our first Parade, on Canal Street, and  had a great time, watching at all the floats and the marching bands, and trying to catch the beads the guys and girls from the floats were throwing into the crowd. On one occasion,  Kevin was even almost knocked down, getting a great bunch of them smack in the side of his head! – but well, my Kevin has a hard head, and he survived… but he was really pale after that! A woman close to us also got a lot of beads in her face, and was sporting a black eye soon after… Mardi-Gras in New Orleans is really dangerous, although, when I think about it, I wonder that there were not more accidents during these days, above all after the victory of their Saints in the Super Bowl… this tells me again that as crazy they are, the people in New Orleans kind of care for each other, and pay attention not to hurt people or destroy things, even in the middle of their wildest emotions… not like our football Hooligans in Europe!

Anyway, heading back to the French quarter, in search for a place where we could watch the Super Bowl final between the Saints  and The Colts from IHaveForgottenwhere (who cares!  🙂  ), we bumped  into another Mardi-Gras Parade… a dogs parade! It was incredibly funny, people had dressed their dogs in the most bizarre ways and were proudly parading them around. In fact a wonderful thing to see… I guess animals protectors wouldn’t agree with me, but really, they should relax a little bit… dogs are not THAT different from us and really seemed to enjoy to be the centre of attention!

So, this above is my painting of that day. Crazy and chaotic as everything seemed to be in New Orleans during that time…


One Response to “The Dogs Parade in New Orleans”

  1. Pomme Says:

    Tu nous as ramené de biens jolis souvenirs Miki !
    Que c’est beau !

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