The Biblescapes

This post is to announce a new series of paintings called “The Biblescapes”.

As the name says, these will be paintings in style of my Fantascapes, but featuring parables and stories from the Bible. Believe me, I am the first to be amazed at me painting religious themes! Not that I despise religion… I was even raised as a practising Catholic, meaning I was baptised,  I had lots of religious classes, I went to Mass every Sunday , I went regularly to confession and I had my two communions…

I will tell you a personal secret though… a real secret, By that I mean hardly anybody in this world who knows me knows about it. Well, I can risk it, as most of the people who would be horrified to know this secret don’t really understand English.

So, here we go… I was about 12 years old, and my 4 years older brother and me were sent to church every Sunday. My parents seemed to think that they didn’t need  to attend the Mass themselves, what a strange way in fact to give a good example.. anyway, my brother and me – two truly enfants terribles–  collected the Mass money from my mother’s hand, with an angelic smile on our faces and the promise to give it to the priest in the church.  But instead of going to church, we spent every Sunday wandering around in the beautiful town of Carcassonne, where we lived at that time, spending the church money buying ice cream, sweets, cookies… oh, it was such a wonderful time, so much more exciting than to sit in one of these dark and severe Catholic churches! My Mother always wondered, when I went with her to the town for shopping, how well I knew each corner of the town, much better than her. She never found out why, until some decades later, when I suddenly told her! My Mother has got a lot of humour and tolerance, even with her 85 years, but believe me, she was shocked, and forbade me to tell it to my Father!

This wonderful story ended dramatically for me though… after one year we moved from Carcassonne to a little town in the centre of France, and some months later to Clermont Ferrand. My parents considered then that my brother was old enough to miss the Mass, but I still had to do my second communion and I still was sent to church every Sunday. The hell I would! I didn’t want to wander  through the city of Clermont Ferrand, I hated it, and anyway alone it was no fun. Instead, I spent 9 months hiding every Sunday in the darkest corner of our garage… a terrifying experience, but apparently less terrifying than going to church! Today I wonder what I did with the church money at that time… I can’t remember!

Finally I did my communion and then I was officially allowed to miss the Mass too. Needless to say that before I did the big step of the communion, I  never confessed my secret.. what a farce it was really!

To end the story of my Catholic life, I will say here that I officially left the Catholic church many years later, when I was living in Germany. One day I might tell why…

Anyway… back to the Biblescapes!

When I was I the States earlier this year, I was contacted by wobbywilliams from the Lake District/UK, writing to me following words:

“… Also we have a large Christian convention in Keswick for 3 weeks in July and Keswick is deluged with people. So, I wonder if you could paint some pictures in your unique style similar to Celebration of Life which will link in to the themes at the convention. ..”

I first thought, hum, how should I paint religious themes? But with time passing by and after throwing a new look to my Fanatscapes, I thought, well, some of them have a religious atmosphere, kind of, and could be slightly altered in a way to convey some bible-ish story As I came back from the States, I re-contacted wobbywilliams, and see, we have now started this project together. He is a great person to work with and to speak to, and I enjoy this project a lot.

To start the series and honour the coming Easter festivities, I simply altered an already exciting Fantascape, previously called “Dead Leaves”, and called it “Jesus from Cross”. I have done some more works in the meanwhile, even some totally new ones,  I might present them here in the future. But more probably  they will make their miraculous apparition somewhere in the net where and when you and me least expect them…

I want here to thank wobbywilliams for this brilliant idea and his input.

The artwork above, called “Jesus From Cross”,  is available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below to access my FAA Gallery

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3 Responses to “The Biblescapes”

  1. bobcornelis Says:


    It’s been a while but I had to write to tell you how much I’m looking forward to these Biblescapes! Somehow I don’t expect to see the traditional religious iconography on display. Happy to see your creative muse having such fun!

  2. wobbywilliams Says:

    I am deeply distressed by your childhood misdemeanours in which you bunked off from Mass whilst bowing to greed and hiding in your garage for 9 months. I find it so shocking that I am thinking of writing to his Excellency himself to express my concerns.

    I will suggest to him that in order to stop naughty children doing similar things in future that he should write a royal decree and force priests to start offering ice cream, sweets, and cookies to children. He needs to make sure that churches become places of warmth, fun where learning is enjoyable and interesting. Not places which are foreboding and distant.

    I will advise him that his church should stop playing silly rituals and instead look again with fresh eyes to see how the master communicator of all time engaged with the people he met. Someone asked a very wise man “how did he communicate?” he answered “He asked a lot of questions and told a lot of stories”.

    I am honoured to have met you through your paintings – God moves in mysterious ways, so they say – what you have done with the Biblescapes is truly remarkable. You are re-telling some of the most amazing stories ever told to a new audience, which sadly a lot of churches find difficult to do.

    One more thing, please ask the children not to fly too fast through the almond groves, their wings are not that strong yet.

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I think I already knew this delicious secret of yours. I have been to Carcassonne (last trip to France) and it is definitely a great place to wander and eat ice cream! There were a couple of medieval churches I visited in France that had the darkest, heaviest air, filled with mold from centuries of leaky roofs and statues and paintings filled with despair. I couldn’t imagine praying for grace in such an environment. Luckily I also experienced the opposite. It is so fascinating to read about your personal history. . .

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