A trip through Snow and Sea


We have just come back from our short motor home trip to my hometown Tarbes, in the French Pyrenees. We had an appointment there for a complete check of the Boomobile, but also we had to transport my 85 year-old parents back from Benidorm, where they spend half of the year, back to their primary residence in Tarbes. Also they needed some checkups, and well, as one gets older, one seems to trust more one’s own doctors.In my case though, I have no doubt that even at 100, I won’t trust any Doctor at all. As my older brother so rightly says:

“I went to the doctor, and since then, I have lost everything I loved in my life: the good food, the cigarettes, the wine!”

Here we are also, back in Turre, very happy to be here but also very happy about the trip, we enjoyed it a lot. We should have beeen gone longer, a whole week more in fact, but the weather had other ideas, especially when 2 days ago, we woke up somewhere in the middle of Spain with snow on the roof of the Boomobile!!!

Most important news first: My parents, as well as the Boomobile are in a perfect state of health… GREAT!

The trip up to Tarbes went well, although we were very worried, Kevin having to drive the whole distance from Benidorm to Tarbes in one go. Certainly totally against our habits, we love to make short breaks whenever we can, and simply enjoy each mile from the life on the road. But with my parents inside the motorhome it was a little bit tight, even if the beast is designed for 6 persons. I guess they mean 6 persons with silent characters, because with 4 people like us, each having loud characters and even louder plans, the life in such a small space cannot last more than 12 hours, at least not peacefully…

We crossed the Pyrenees in the afternoon and I was amazed by the beauty of the mountains. An incredible amount of snow was lying on both sides of the road, but luckily, the road itself was free. I would have loved to stop there for the rest of the day, and made a lot of sketches, but we couldn’t, and the only thing I could do was to draw furtive lines on a water colour sheet while the Boomobile was ascending the steep mountain road. This morning I put some water colour on the lines ( “Colour” being a little bit exaggerated perhaps…) anyway, today I regret intensely not to have had the chance to stay there some more hours: I hardly painted snow landscapes in my life, and I guess I won’t often have the opportunity…

But well, l made other sketches somewhere else, most of them on the French Atlantic coast where we spent some wonderful days under the sun after the stay in Tarbes. I will try to come back more often to my blog to present some of these sketches, but well, I have noticed that I have lost my heart for blogging, kind of… who knows if and where I could find it back!


5 Responses to “A trip through Snow and Sea”

  1. Emma Says:

    J’aime toujours autant les récits de vos voyages !
    La neige sous tes doigts a un côté chaleureux 🙂

  2. Over the Hills and Far away……The Pyreness and Beyond – 1 - « Café Crem Says:

    […] was inspired to paint a watercolour when she got back after our trip. You can see it on her site HERE. Searching for […]

  3. Sherrie Roberts Says:

    You will find your blogging again. Love your snow scape and your wonderful trip.
    Thankful to hear that your parents are in grand health.
    Actually, I have to go to the doctor the end of the month. However, the doctors did tell me to eat some salt. All the advocates say go salt free and sugar free and I am told to add some to my diet and to have a spoon of sugar in Tea.
    I was sick from not having enough in my system. Oh, my the world and its ways with us.
    I told Kev, Ms Patches and I are looking for our own Boomobile to take trips and see the world. This year we hope to take two trips. These trips will be by train. We are headed across the Northern Boarder of America all the way to the West Coast. Hopefully, We can sneak into Canada.
    ((( Circle of Hugs)))


  4. Miki Says:

    @ Emma
    Bonjour, et oui, nous sommes de retour! Un peu trop tot a mon gout, mais a la fin du voyage il faisait vraiment trop muavais temps et je ne pouvais pas dessiner dehors…
    La neige… que j’aime ca, surtout celle de mes Pyrenees!!! 🙂 et quelle delicieuse remarque tu fais sur sa chaleur…

    @ Sherrie
    Nice to see you in my “Infinity”… I have read in Cafe Crem that you want to paint “my” Pyrenees and “my” Mie de Pain? I hope to see the results, just tell me then where we can see them..
    Concerning sugar, there were times – it was of course before I met Kevin 🙂 – when I hadn’t enough in my blood either, I always noticed it when I was doing some hard sport. I always solved the problem with some coca cola…

    I wish you will have a great trip… train traveling is very nice, very romantic somehow. I would love having my own little train, I think I would paint it pink and yellow, and it would have a nice buffet car where Kevin and me would enjoy all sorts of forbidden sweet and sour stuff… 🙂

  5. Sherrie Roberts Says:

    Yes, Please! I am going to paint them and then will post and give you the links. You have made me very Happy! Thank-you so much.


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