King Solomon in The Jardin Massey

This is a watercolour painting of the Jardin Massey, in Tarbes (France, Hautes Pyrenees, my home town). If you want to know some facts about that garden, just go to Cafe Crem and read Kevin’s post “Over the Hills and far away…”. Kevin loves history, and me, it bores me to death! I guess I was introduced quite painfully to history, in the school I had to learn dates and facts by heart, without being taught why it was so and my brain works in a way that it can only enjoy and remember things which give sense, kind of…

As I said, this is supposed to be a painting of that famous garden. You will see some photos of it in Kevin’s post, and you will perhaps wonder what my painting has to do with it. well, the trees were really there, all of them, the path too, and even the red bush. There were some kind of houses there too, but certainly not white and of that shape. This house looks much more like some Spanish house to me. as always, I couldn’t stay by what I saw, my fantasy went through with me, and the result has, I suppose, nothing to so with the Jardin Massey.

But it gets even worse: as I looked at the painting when I was back home, some days ago, I saw something strange: King Solomon ruling about the two prostitutes each pretending that the baby was theirs. A perfect theme for my new series “The Biblescapes”. Really, sometimes I wonder how my brain works. Judge for yourself what it did out of this innocent landscape painting:

Anyway, this is how King Solomon suddenly appeared in the Jardin Massey. I guess he was as surprised as myself, and even our history master Kev Moore is thinking of adding this new fact in Wikipedia…


4 Responses to “King Solomon in The Jardin Massey”

  1. Emma Says:

    Ne cherche surtout pas à savoir comment tu penses : tu penses tout simplement magnifiquement. Voir le monde à travers tes yeux l’embellit !
    Le printemps explose sous tes mains et ça, c’est magique.
    J’adore ces deux tableaux Miki.

  2. Lonely Soul Says:

    I completely loved it. Imagination workds in mysteriously wonderful ways. Sometimes what we see is not actually what it appears to be. There’s something more. A deeper meaning, and we need to go beyond surface. Messages hidden in the dark that the untrained eye cannot see nor understand… But you’ve got a gift in your hands and in your heart that give you wings to makes us all fly!!!

    I love you Miki!!

  3. Monique Says:

    Tres beau travail.

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Emma
    Oh, ne t’inquiète pas, je ne cherche jamais à savoir comment je pense… ni même qui je suis!!!! Des fois je m’étonne un peu, mais en général, je passe très vite à autre chose, mon cerveau jamais ne me laissant le temps de m’attarder sur quoi que ce soit, encore moins sur lui même 🙂
    Et c’est sur que j’ai vu le printemps exploser dans le Jardin Massey de Tarbes.. tu sais, en vivant en Andalousie, on est un peu prive de “vraies saisons”… c’est l’une des rares choses qui me manquent

    @Lonely Soul
    So wonderful to read again your poetic and so personal words… yes, imagination is a mysterious thing, perhaps the most exciting activity of the human brain?
    Concerning the untrained eye… you know, I believe that the most important thing for an artist is his/her ability to use his eyes. I was teaching drawing/painting for a while, and I always started my lessons teaching my pupils TO SEE. It was always very fascinating how people reacted when they started to see more and more… the world around them became richer and richer, deeper and deeper, they really couldn’t believe their eyes!… when they had learn to see better, then I taught them how to paint what they saw.

    @ Monique
    Bonjour Monique, et merci pour ce généreux commentaire. D’ailleurs je suis toujours heureuse de lire des mors français ici… j’ai visité votre site, et j’y reviendrai bientôt, plus en profondeur… en attendant bonne journée sur la Cote d’Azur!

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