On The Way to Heaven

We spent only 3  days in Tarbes, after having successfully negotiated the Boomobile through the MOT, which was the main reason for our trip there.  -Although when I say “successfully”, it is only due to the generosity of  the nice guy who performed the tests,  finding out that we had in fact a lot of excess weight, about 400 kilos… I served up my most charming smile and answered:

“It’s because my Dad was sitting inside when you weighed it! “

He let me get away with it… now, my Dad is quite big, but the 400 kilos came mainly from my hundreds of sketching books and painting blocks I keep stored in the Boomobile… and well, hundreds of books for Kevin, and hundreds of DVDs for the evenings… although we have bettered ourselves since last year. Kevin used to take millions of CDs on the road, not being able to live one second without listening to music. Last year, as we came back from our Portugal trip, exasperated with these millions of CDs occupying all chairs and tables in the motorhome, I had offered him an Ipod, and now this lovely little thing has got inside everything his ears take a fancy to, takes up no room, and weighs nothing… a great move for the Boomobile diet and my comfort it was!

Anyway, before we left Tarbes we went shopping, food for the trip and a new saddle for my bike, naughtily increasing our overweight problem by about 100 kilos. I had thought a lot about where we should go, hesitating between The Spanish Galicy, the French Cathar Land and the South French Atlantic coast. The last won the race eventually, mainly because of the weather forecast. What we wanted more than anything was sun: I desperately needed to be able to sketch outside after having spent 2 months in the USA earlier this year without any possibility of doing it, and Kevin needed some tan  🙂

So, on the 21st of April, about midday, we left Tarbes in direction of the Landes. The sun was shining, it was simply wonderful to drive through the countryside, with the snow covered Pyrenees to the left. We had a lovely break somewhere on the way, I can’t remember the name of the village… I did a sketch there, fascinated by the bright yellow fields. I don’t remember if the pink house was there too, but I guess there was some kind of house there, and I painted it pink because I love yellow and pink together…

Our aim for that night was Vieux-Boucau, by the coast, in the Landes. No special reason why that place in particular, I had never been there before, it just seemed strategically well-placed and to have a good place to park the Boomobile, providing electricity. But on the way to that town, we drove through a little town called “Peyrehorade”, it looked wonderful in the late afternoon light by the river, and we decided to spend the night there. If you want to read about our electrifying adventures there and see some photos, read Kevin’s report in Cafe Crem.

Me, I spent some time sketching, certainly not with the results I would have loved. But well, sketching is sketching, it is a very spontaneous activity, not very forgiving.

And as always, I am quite sure that the place is not very recognisable for the natives… who cares! It was fun to sit by the river and sketch in the sun, Kevin reading not too far away from me… HEAVEN!

I was fascinated by a series of trees which really looked like persons having joined together to protect the entrance of the town. Again, I couldn’t help but to personify the trees… I think I need a brain washing soon!


3 Responses to “On The Way to Heaven”

  1. iondanu Says:

    Charming little sketches, miki! Sometimes, I think that this very spontaneous activity, as you call it (which is perfectly true) is the best thing an artist can do… For sure, a travelling artist…
    I dream, sometimes, more an more often, to land in Marseilles one summmer or spring (spring would be better, maybe) and just making my way on foot, stopping whenever needed, drawing, painting a bit (watercolors, mainly) and earning the little food I need and a place to sleep doing portraits… Seems an utopia but a nice one… sure, a Boommobile would be better… Curious, although if I could pull it through…

  2. Miki Says:

    I tend to think the same about sketching, Danu… the only problem is that I have no patience, and I can’t do outside anything else than these ink sketches. I add the colours later on in the motor home, most out of memory and even “moster,* (I know you understand this word, Danu 🙂 ) from fantasy. But I would love to so watercolour paintings outside, without ink, just watercolour, on the site… but the whole installation is too complicated for me, I lose the lust before I start!

    Great that dream of yours! Not totally realistic though, if you could find a way to land in Marseilles… the rest would work, I think. I am sure than travelling by foot offers the most possibilities of sketching, just being able to stop exactly at the right place. If you know how often i get frustrated, with the motor home, seeing fantastic stuff, and not being able to stop because there are no parking place!

  3. Joël Says:

    Hello Miki,

    Just some words : I like how you define Heaven…

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