We had a nice evening in Peyrehorade, but woke up under the rain next morning. This was not exactly what the weather forecast had announced, but well, armed with our perpetual optimism, we drove to  the Atlantic coast, hoping the rain would stop there. What a silly hope, when one knows that it never stops raining there, kind of! And in fact we arrived to Vieux Boucau under a much stronger rain! The mood plummeted considerably inside the Boomobile, we thought a while about driving straight back to our beloved Andalusia, but finally we decided to give France a last chance: we would wait until the next day and see.

!The motorhome service area was good though, providing electricity, next to the local camp site, but there were hardly campers, only  trees, these wonderful long and slim Landes pine trees which always show the direction of the wind. At some point we had a walk to the beach – you can see and read about it in Cafe Crem. I desperately wanted to sketch and paint, but except the pine trees and the rain, there was nothing inspiring for me there. So I decided to try again to paint from fantasy, whatever would come to paper through my fingers and brushes.

I first tried to remember the beach…. somehow there were dunes and sea and fenceposts… for my own pleasure I added the houses and the boat… these type of houses being in fact a memory of the houses I had seen in the Bretagne 3 years ago, when we had picked up the motor home there, which we had bought from Spain through the internet.

The sad truth is that when we walked to the beach, everything was grey… so who knows from where I took these wild colours! Some dreams I suppose…

I also tried some  pine trees, here is one of the paintings inspired by them

And then I forgot the sea and the beach and the pine trees and the rain and I just put colours on the paper. It is always quite scary to start a painting without any idea of what one will do, it is like jumping into a vacuum… I know some people paint only this way. I could do it too. What I find more difficult is to try to paint in all ways, totally free, or based on nature, to be able to change from constraint to freedom. I do believe that this is a great exercise to get a very free painting style, but not that free and wild that nobody knows what it is about. I do believe that we should sometimes go back to nature and look around us… whenever we think how great and creative we are, nature has by far the richest imagination and the most wonderful colours…

Anyway here are the results from that rainy afternoon session in a motorhome parked in a service area in the Landes… I am quite happy with them, I must confess, and, more important than anything: I enjoyed it a lot!

To recompense me for the good work and comfort himself from the hated rain, Kevin organised a food orgy in the Boomobile:  my mother had given us some “magret de canard” (ducks filet, kind of) marinated in I don’t know what with herbs from the Provence, and a bottle of Kevin’s favourite Rose d’Anhou… the magret was orgasmic, I tell you! Not so orgasmic though were the little grease stains all over the couch… the duck had tried to escape the pan and Kevin had a big fight with it while he was cooking   🙂


2 Responses to “Aqualandes”

  1. Emma Says:

    Petit commentaire de la part de ton petit filleul sur le premier :
    on dirait les esprits dans le ciel
    Sur les suivantes, il ouvre des yeux immenses et dit : “Comme elles sont grandes ses fleurs à Miki !”

    Ces toiles ressemblent à de la soie. C’est splendide.

  2. iondanu Says:

    Great result for a rainy afernoon, Miki! I am totally with you on this: it<s really great, from time to time, to try the free style and just to put colours on paper! In my own experience, it gives always something figurative, in the end… Adn that dream of working with totally freedom…I think you are not very far away from fulfilling it! Every artist – I would say every true artist – wishes that…that spontaneity, that freedom… It<s rare, it's hard and fleeting but, boy! when it happens!

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