Miss Ponte de Lima 2010

Houses in Ponte de Lima – Sketch by Miki, 2008

The other day, looking at the referrers to Cafe Crem, Kevin wondered about following URL


Well, he wondered because “Ponte de Lima” is a little town in the north of Portugal where we spent a lovely day 2 years ago. He followed the link and suddenly I heard him bursting into laughter.

“What is it?” I asked. He just pointed at  his screen, continuing to laugh like the mad Englishman he is.


What I saw gave good reason to laugh

This URL is a site about Ponte de Lima, and in the home page, there is a slide show, and on one of the slides, it’s me, standing there with my bicycle. And more: this same image is used as the background for the whole site… and it is a damned big site!

Kevin of course finds it incredibly funny, because he knows how much I hate to get photographed. And thinking that a site chose a photo of me and puts it all over the place, yes, I admit it, this is very hilarious.

“If somebody from there would have asked you to pose for one minute with your bike for an advertising photo, you would have told them to go to hell and ridden away as fast as you could!”

says Kevin… and he is so right.

Here is the photo

Many people would be outraged to find their photo in such a public, official site, without having been asked for permission before. Well, surprisingly, you may think given my aversion to being photographed, I don’t care.As long as I don’t look monstrous on it… and in this case, the great thing is that one can hardly sees my face  🙂 . In fact, the photo is a great advert for United Colors of Benetton, as the little photo bag on my shoulder is one of theirs! Have THEY perhaps paid the site to put this photo there?

The painting above is available directly online as Giclee prints in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widgets below to access my FAA store

Art Prints

And more generally you can see all this stuff I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”



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