On The Beach of The Milady in Biarritz

I have done many more sketches of the town and the harbour of Biarritz, similar to the ones I have shown you in my previous posts. If you really want to see them, I’m sure you will find them somewhere on the net. We spent the last day in Biarritz not in the town though, I wanted to try to sketch the beach close to the motorhome service area, I think it was called The Milady Beach,  something like that. But in French of course… one shouldn’t ask too much English from the French , a good enough effort to give the Beach an English name!

Now, I don’t find it very easy to sketch a beach and a sea with a pen, there’s not much stuff happening with regard to interesting structures and elements, meaning not really many lines… painting a beach and the sea, with water colour /oil etc. is certainly much easier than to sketch them in ink lines… but I can’t be bothered to bring and install all the materials which are necessary to make some water colours/oils outside. I did it in the past, but I was never happy, too complicated, too much organisation, and most of the time, some wind comes across and blows everything away… this certainly was the case on the beach in Biarritz! But well, I like the challenge of sketching everything with an ink pen, and anyway, I fancied doing it, just fancying sitting there and drawing. Sitting outside by such lovely weather and sketching a wonderful landscape is a great experience, and sincerely, I don’t really care about the result, as long as I enjoy the process. And I did!

For my first motif I sat down on the steps going down to the beach… or, from another point of view, up to that little house, which is the bar of the  local surfing school. While I was sitting there, the surfers went  up and down all the time, and my God, I was envying them so much! In the past (I am speaking about 30 years ago unfortunately  🙂  ) I learnt windsurfing in Congo (Africa), and practised it a little bit more in Spain. I simply loved it. So much so that later on I even bought a wind surfboard in Germany, but as life dictates, I never came to use it, and it is even there somewhere, stored at the home of some acquaintances from which I have even forgotten the name! Anyway, wave surf is something which looks terribly exciting too!

By the following sketch, I was above all fascinated by the green jetty…  As for the people, I had to be very quick and I doubt that any of them would recognise themselves… the dog should,though!  🙂

At least there were stones everywhere, this gave me the chance of drawing some lines… although I must admit that I don’t take it very seriously with the stones – meaning I get very bored very fast and most of the lines I draw are invented! Shame on me, I know, as stones in fact have interesting structures… it might be the colour which bores me.. although again, looking good enough, stones can have wonderful colours… whatever, I am a “rough sketcher”, as one of my visitors commented, and as such, I am entitled to not give a toss about what I do!

In the following sketch, the colours are invented, of course… and I was so lucky that the ‘Milady’ just crossed the wooden path.. yes, she had just had her hair cut! On the top of the hill, by the way, is -I think – the Ilbarritz castle, about which Kevin has written an essay in Cafe Crem. So, if you are interested in history, don’t miss it. There is there too a photo of the castle, so you can judge for yourself how rough my sketching is…

And finally my last sketch of Biarritz, before we head off the next day towards Saint-Jean-de-Luz… These few there were heaven for me, much stuff to draw, lovely weather, good food, and, more important than anything, a wonderful man by my side, Kev Moore, always ready to do his best so that I get everything I need to be happy and to accompany me to the exact spots where I need to be for artistic inspiration … and you know what? The truth is, all these sketches wouldn’t exist without him…


2 Responses to “On The Beach of The Milady in Biarritz”

  1. Debb Domenici Says:

    It seems odd to me. Right now, on my phone, I can’t actually see your scetches. I’m reading your account, and I can visualize what you might sketch. Not only that, but, I can even imagine what I might draw myself. Your words bring life!

  2. HOUARD Says:


    J’adore vos croquis et surtout la Milady ! exposez-vous quelque part ou avez-vous un atelier. Je viens début septembre à la Milady.


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