With the bike to Socoa

On the 29th of April, in the afternoon, we decided to have a ride with the bikes along the coast, from Saint Jean-de-Luz to Socoa and back. The day before we had seen this part of the coast from the seaside, as we were on a boat trip leading us to the Spanish border.

Great little town this Socoa, with its fort and mountains and  its surfing/sailing school…

Once again, like some days before in Biarritz with the wave surfers, I would have loved to have a go myself on these boards. And I thought, what a great childhood these children have… but then I remembered, that in the French Pays Basque it is well know for raining all the time! It certainly looks different under the rain there… and it’s perhaps not so much fun to ride the waves when the sea is grey and bad… although I always loved to swim in the sea under the rain…

Part of the fort… certainly not very accurate , like always… just an impression!

This place was in fact great to sketch, but it was late afternoon, I was tired. I had already done some sketches in the morning in the harbour of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and I couldn’t any more. It is always frustrating though to leave a place with the feeling that one should have done many more sketches, and one does not know when  if one will ever come back. But well… we had instead a fun bike ride on the jetty, with the sea on both sides of us, it was extremely exciting! And the ice cream in a cafe by the sea was just delicious.

Unfortunately on the way back I caught a little cold… must have driven too fast on my bike!!!


3 Responses to “With the bike to Socoa”

  1. Debb Domenici Says:

    Awesome work! Your words help to bring me along for the ride. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  2. Over the Hills and Far Away – 11 – Bike ride to Socoa « Café Crem Says:

    […] switched my ipod on, and drifted away. Heaven. You can see some of Miki’s Socoa sketches HERE. Having discovered that this stone walkway didn't lead to the castle, I decided to […]

  3. Miki Says:

    Thank you Debb for the lovely comment!

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