Back in Spain

After our bike trip to Socoa, we planned to leave Saint-Jean-de-Luz the next day, and drive towards Spain along the coast. Unfortunately the weather was awful the next morning, and we decided to head back directly to Spain. After a big shopping trip buying French products in one of those enormous Carrefour supermarkets, we drove along a wonderful road through the Low Pyrenees into Spain.

Since I was a child, the feeling I  have when I cross the border from France to Spain is always the same: a deep sense of relief of coming back HOME!

Although I was born in France, and spent more than half of my life in Germany, Spain always felt like “home” to me, which is why, one day, I finally decided to move here…

Anyway, soon after the border the rain stopped and the sun appeared. We had decided to spend 2 or 3 days in la Rioja, where we had been already 2 years ago, and which I had found very attractive … not for the wine (although I do like it!) but for its landscapes, especially its red mountains. In the late afternoon we found an extraordinary little town in the region, called “Autol” and decided to stop there for the night, and the next day perhaps

After a quick coffee in the motorhome, I ran outside to sketch…

Unfortunately, after a short while,  drops of rain started to fall on my sketching pad… the fact is that the sky had suddenly become quite black and menacing…  I just had time to sketch the amazing “El Picuezo y La Picueza”, 2 gigantic stones (42 metres and 28 metres) standing in the middle of the town square… this sketch was REALLY fast, a race against the coming storm!

I felt very frustrated, there were so many motifs in that little town, it hurt me in the soul to have to stop. I comforted myself with the hope that the next day would be better, but as we awoke next morning, it was even worse. We drove away, sad… also because we had seen that they were running the bulls in the streets of a neighbouring village, and we would have loved to attend the party!!!!


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