Molina de Aragon

I know I am late, I mean, I am writing right now about a trip which was 5 weeks ago, it is not exactly what a blog is meant to do, but well, It is not always easy to keep up ‘live’, above all when I haven’t got access to the internet when we travel in wild places… I just hope that my post won’t taste too much like cold coffee!

We made “Molina de Aragon” the last stop of the trip which had brought us from Turre, in Spain (Provincia de Almeria) through the Pyrenees to Tarbes, Peyrehorade, Vieux -Boucau, Biarritz , Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Autol. If you browse though this site, you will find some of the sketches I did in all these places.

We had been in Molina de Aragon 2 years ago, also on our way back from the Pyrenees. There is a big fort there, and a great place to park the motorhome for the night, in front of the fort. So we decided to stop there, I could do some sketches of the fort, and then we would head back home the next day.

Well, I did some sketches, but it was not easy. Really, not easy to squeeze into a sketch block  these gigantic Spanish forts, and, on top of it, some rain was falling, I had to be quick..

the sky colours on my sketches are certainly not  a reflection of the true ones… but I can hardly force myself to paint some black sky at day time… in fact the darker the real sky is, the more coloured my painted skies become… I always had a certain sense of contradictions!

I wanted to do some more sketching the next day, before we went home, but as we awoke we had a big surprise:


Now, look, it was the 3rd of May , in Spain, not even in the North or  on top of a mountain… I am starting believing that the weather has really gone mad…


One Response to “Molina de Aragon”

  1. Joël Says:

    Hello Miki !

    Je suis avec intérêt votre superbe voyage. Vous avez fait là un stop à moins d’une heure et demie de là où je vais en Espagne : Rueda de Jalon. Ma belle-mère est aragonaise.

    Vous voici rentrés à la maison. Profitez bien maintenant de votre “sweet home”…

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