Prohibido forbidden!

I had meant to be a little bit quicker with posting my last trip sketches from Agua Amarga, but well, it is the Football World Cup and I have to take much time to support my teams (1. England   2.France   3.Germany  4. South Africa) against the rest of the world…

Today I will dedicate this post to the “Prohibido” (means “Forbidden” in Spanish) in Agua Amarga, and more generally in Spain.

As we arrived in Agua Amarga, we thought we would have to go away again , as all the streets leading from the main road to the village and the beach were forbidden to motor homes. We had been there 2 years ago, and nothing was forbidden then, it was quite a shock to us! But well, finally, at the end of the village, there was a way leading to the beach from which the motor homes were not banned… until a certain point of course, as the sketch shows! Fair enough I must admit, as the ‘motorhome nation’ tend to invade all the beautiful places, leaving no room and views for anybody else!…

When I first came to Spain, it was in 1958 I think, it was still – and for a long time to come – Franco’s dictatorship. Franco’s governance went through various phases, although the most common ideological features present throughout included a strong sense of Spanish nationalism and protection of the country’s territorial integrity, Catholicism, anti-communism, anti-masonry and traditional values. Public life was tough for tourists during these times… I remember for example a friend of my brother, who had to spend a night in jail with his English bird because they had kissed publicly on the beach… also, if I remember well, bikinis were forbidden… stuff like that!

Anyway, Franco died in 1975 and after his death Spain gradually began its transition to democracy, Perhaps it is a normal reaction for a country who has been under a dictatorship for 40 years, but this democracy seemed to have evolved into a Paradise of Freedom: everything seemed to be allowed and nobody was too bothered about following any rules anyway!

And this of course, according to the laws of human nature, has lead to many abuses…

So many abuses that nowadays Spain seems to have fallen into the opposite extreme: laws and prohibitions everywhere.

As I saw this sign by the beach in Agua Amarga, I was wondering how long it would last until everything and everybody will be banned from the beach… of course, for now, all these signs have their rightness, but what worries me is the tendency. We really see from year to year more laws, more prohibitions, more complications in all kinds of ones daily involvement, sometimes really ridiculous… I juts wonder where this will stop or end, and I do get worried: I have now officially elected Spain as my land of residency, have just finished the paper work, and I don’t want to live in a place where I am not allowed to kiss my Kevin outside!

On this sign I found very funny that the pictured dog was bigger than most of the dogs living or visiting the place!!!

Anyway, if the Spaniards don’t stop the “prohibido” campaign soon, I will have to take action. I might be a Spanish resident now, but I still have my French blood inside and I will start a Revolution and go all over the country with a giant  sign on which is written

” “Prohibido” prohibido! “

PS: you might have noticed that Spain is not in the list of “my” football teams… well, the reason has a lot to do with what I write in this post!


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