A Dream Came True….

People who have already been to Spain surely know them: the posters -called “cartel taurino” – announcing bullfight events, like the following ones

In the past, I don’t know if it is still “in”, but when tourists came to Spain they used to buy these posters, but after putting their name on the list of the bullfighters on the poster. I never did that myself, but well, it is quite a funny idea in fact…

Anyway, since I have started painting bullfight motifs, I have always dreamed that one day some corridas organising company contacts me, asking if they could use my paintings on their posters,

Well, my dream came true: Two days  ago, a company called Ferrodex contacted me , asking for my paintings, their aim being to give the fiesta a more artistic touch by the way of the posters. Ferrodex is a national Spanish company, organising all kind of events related to bull and bullfight across the whole of Spain. They even have two of their own fincas, rearing bulls and selling them for bullfight…

We might come to an agreement…

And when we do, I will also have my name on the posters… but not as a matador, as an artist!


3 Responses to “A Dream Came True….”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    Incredibly happy about this Miki! Your entry also makes me revisit my youth:

    🙂 I remember well, on my first visit to Majorca in the mid-70’s, the beetroot-red English masses returning home, clutching three essential items:

    1) a stuffed donkey
    2) a sombrero
    3) a bullfight poster with ‘bert’ as a matador

    Ah, the English abroad – like an embarrassing Auntie you can’t avoid!

  2. Joël Says:

    Miki, ton art va faire son entrée officielle dans le “mundillo”. Quel plaisir ! Et quelle légitime fierté !
    J’attends avec impatience de découvrir tes oeuvres…

  3. Miki Says:

    Oui, Joël, ‘en suis vraiment ravie..
    Les tableaux qu’ ils ont choisis, tu les as certainement déjà vus dans l’une de mes galeries… d’ailleurs, il me semble que l’un d’eux est un Toroscape basé sur une photo de toi, il est dans mon blog “Amour Toro” quelque part…

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