Trip to The Past 01: Altea and Benidorm

Working hard right now on the new project “Travelscapers”, the aim being, as I’ve said before, to gradually cover the world with paintings done by landscape artists from all over the world. In this context I am making a trip back to my past, to all the places where I have been and where I have painted or sketched. It is a tough job, many of my paintings and sketches are gone, sold, or lost or perhaps even thrown away while moving around… Some years ago, before I was active in the internet, I really was not bothered to keep track of my paintings, or at least I didn’t do it seriously, or only occasionally, the most important thing for me having always been the process of painting, not the result. And also I never was a person turned to the past, trying to keep souvenirs… in fact I find it difficult to associate myself with the person I have been before, not just the human being, but also the artist and mathematician. It’s kind of gone!

But well, I need paintings from places right now, and so I am spending a lot of my time searching through my old paintings and my old files. It is quite weird,  I had forgotten that many of them even existed. In this sense this trip back in time is quite interesting, privately and professionally. Funny to see how I painted some years ago… I hope nobody will come here and say:

“You were better then…”


“You are better now”

I  hate these kind of comments which people often feel obliged to make.

I feel the same discomfort when somebody comments on one of my works saying”

Probably your best…”

I got such a comment yesterday… I don’t know, perhaps I should be thankful, but I am not. I always feel a certain condescension, and above all: arrogance. Who are they to know what is better?

Anyway here is a painting of Altea, a popular tourist town on the Costa Blanca, which has been painted million of times… I lived in Albir, just 3 kilometers south of Altea until 2 years ago

And then a painting of Benidorm, which in turn is 3 kilometers south of Albir – also very well-known on the Costa Blanca. Not the best kind of fame  around Europe though, I reckon…

Anyway, 50 years ago it was wonderful and I loved it and this was the place where I always felt home, much more than in France. It is certainly no more the case now…

both paintings in acrylics technique, with more or less structure stuff.

And if you want to buy some prints of these paintings, they are available on paper and canvas in many different size. Also as Greeting cards. directly online in my FAA gallery. Just click on the widgets below

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3 Responses to “Trip to The Past 01: Altea and Benidorm”

  1. Diehl Art Gallery Says:

    Beautiful work and colors!

  2. kevmoore Says:

    I adore the Benidorm painting – this is what great art does – filters out the touristy-drunken-English-kiss-me-quickness, but retains the joy.

  3. lafbok Says:

    Wow, so great, I enjoy both of these paintings.

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