Trip to The Past 02: Tarbena

My artistic trip to the past has been leading me since yesterday to a  Spanish mountain village called “Tárbena”, about one hours drive  inland from Albir, the place where I lived before I moved to Turre. This village is a tourist attraction,  simply because it is typically Spanish and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

7 years ago I rented a small Casa de pueblo (a village house) and spent 3 days there painting. My intention was to paint a small series of the town and its people, and to exhibit it later on at the local culture house. Well, I did the series, and I had the permission from the town hall to do the show, but somehow I got lost in other projects, and forgot that one. I exhibited some of these paintings on different occasions, some are sold, some have been never exhibited, and some seem to be lost. Right now for example, I am missing 3 watercolour paintings from there, showing the men and the women from Tárbena… I can only hope that I will find them in my former house, which is for sale right now, when I go back there… which won’t happen so soon I guess!

Anyway, here is  one of the village streets

Another view of the village,  from the little patio I had on the top of my rented house… my eyes were delighted by the yellow house, I guess it is obvious, considering the way I emphasized the colour!

Tarbena is quite well known in the area there, is often part of one of the day trips through the mountains, starting from the holiday destinations around there (Benidorm, Altea, Calpe, Jalon, etc.),organised for tourists, It is especially well-known  for a restaurant called “Casa Pinet”. I don’t think that the fame of Casa Pinet comes really from its food, although it is quite good, I have tried it. But the owner is an incredible guy, a one-armed communist with a great personality, and the restaurant inside is full of communist decoration and memorabilia -much stuff with Che Guevara-, but also full of art. The facade of the restaurant of course is red, and the business car too. When I was there, there were a lot of cars parked in front of Casa Pinet, and as a joke, I decided to paint them all red!

The little guy in the background is the owner… the funny thing is that, as I did my series of Tarbena, he appeared on almost all of the paintings.. I must have been very impressed by that guy to see him everywhere. Later on I changed these little figures on my paintings, when it was possible…

I hope Casa Pinet and its owner still exist!

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One Response to “Trip to The Past 02: Tarbena”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    I remember taking a drive out around the Tarbenas area when we fist bought the Roadster. It’s nice to see some of the paintings Miki created here before that time. She’s told me the story of the one-armed communist – the guy should be in a movie!

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