I have seen some UFOs last night…

Well, not really UFos…

… but they look like them, kind of! Sorry to disappoint you…  🙂

Every now and again, I feel the urge to paint flowers. Many people think that to paint flowers, or still life is quite uncool and old-fashioned, and perhaps it is. But I do enjoy it sometimes. I enjoy the colours, shapes and textures of flowers. And a beautifully done still life can be a delight too. Something with transparent bottles, or metal in which reflections can be seen, fruits… stuff like that! a challenge for the artist! Often I think I should paint this kind of stuff, but I never seem to take the time. A pity!

But flowers, yes, I painted some in my life. But my flowers rarely stand well-arranged in a vase or tied to the earth. O love them free. like I love everything free.

My flowers tend to float in the air, like coloured clouds….
or like UFOs!

But flowers in a vase or tied in a bouquet have their charm too,   as long as the feeling of romanticism remains. I’ll show to you my last two ones in my next post.


One Response to “I have seen some UFOs last night…”

  1. ivdanu Says:

    I have that urge too, sometimes, Miki (and since my wife has a small garden under our window I have the inspiration too…)
    Yours are great, color and texture and composition… We will continue to paint flower, if we like so, even if it`s very dangerous (we could disappoint some conformists…)

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