Sexy Fleurs de Lys

Some days ago I promised to post my last two flowers paintings here.. and I almost forgot! I go so fast from one thing to another, I can’t keep track with myself as an artist. Of course, everybody says to me:

“You should focus!”

but what an absurdity! The only thing I should do is to have fun while  painting, and there is for me nothing more boring than painting always the same thing in the same style. This is why my eyes and brushes jump in all directions, always finding something new and attractive to focus on it. My galleries look mental: when one looks at them one has the feeling that a hundred different artists are at work!

Well, it’s just me, the tiny little Miki:


My Kevin, who belongs to the people who normally find flowers paintings boring,  looked quite interested as he saw that one, and said:

“They are so much in your face!”

I wonder if he found them sexy…  I do!  🙂

Anyway, I  always loved the fleurs de lys, amazing creatures really! And love them even more since we were in New-Orleans this year.. As their emblem it is everywhere there! Needless to say I bought a lot of clothes covered with fleurs de lys. Funny by the way, as I told my elderly French mother that the fleur de Lys is the emblem of New-Orleans, she reacted quite “offended”, saying:

“First of all, it is the emblem of the French Royalty!!!!”

These French, they are sooooo Nationalistic!

My second recent painting featuring fleurs de lys.. a little less in the face, more decorative than sexy, and with much stuff around! Sometimes I love these overloaded paintings, where stuff is going on everywhere!


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