It has been a long time since I didn’t enter this Infinity here.. well, I was on some other, perhaps more exciting, or at least with much more people there. I am speaking of Easelspace, the artist community Adrian, jean and me are leading. A great place I must say, and not only because it is ours! It is a community created by artists for artists, a welcoming place of extreme artistic creativity. The site has many great functions that allow people to exhibit their art and actively take part in the community’s artistic process. And now we have extended the activity, writers and poets are welcome to write about the Easelspace paintings which inspire them.

But well, I haven’t been totally inactive artistically. As always, when I have a serious life of business woman, I need a balance which concretely  manifests itself in random weird paintings. No control about what I paint -and no need to!- I let the fingers do what they want.

All are filed now in my “Dreamscapes” series…

Here are some of the results

The Dream of the Fish That carried His House on His Back

I hope nobody here will try to analyze it. But of course you are all welcome to put words on it, poems, short stories, whatever , and to join me at Easelspace!

La Ménagerie


One Response to “Dreamscapes”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Marvelous! So are these illustrations of dreams or waking dreams that evolve as you play with paint?

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