DOGital Art

One already knows about painting monkeys , and how expensive their artwork is… well, now a painting dog is born, his name is “Dali” and he has got 2 famous fathers.. Yes, in this case the parents are not a male/female couple, but 2 guys, which, by the way, might explain why the dog turned out quite weird.

The first father, you will surely have understood, is the famous painter Dali. Dali The Dog will certainly be influenced by his work…

The second father -and this is in fact the one who brought him to life and will take care of his education –  is…. KEV MOORE!

Yes, Kev Moore, my wonderful partner the English Rocker!

Kevin has rediscovered his second nature, he loved to draw in his youth, and somehow with my insidious female methods, I succeeded in motivating him to start again. I am immensely happy about that, as is he, and  I adore what he does!

So here he is, the new Dali, realised in ‘Dogital’ Art, so much more exciting and modern than Digital Art!

Dali The Dog, by Kev Moore

I am now waiting for Kevin to create the corresponding T-Shirt, because I WANT IT! A must for an artist!  🙂


So, Kevin has created the T-Shirt and I have just ordered it! I can’r wait to get it.

Click on the image below if YOU want one too… or at east look at the price and the available colours!


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