Back to The Bulls

So, I am back in my acrylic atelier for a wild Spanish fiesta… have been painting the bulls again fro 3 days now, I am a big mess, all covered in paints, these beast are really wild! When the bulls catch me, they don;t let me go for a little while, until I am exhausted. So I guess I will stay with them some more days in my rainbow atelier, but will also do some  bullfight paintings in water colour, which I rarely did in fact, most of them being in acrylic and gouache.

A special word for those who hate bullfight: I understand you, but the best would be for you and for me, that you skip this post!  🙂

Acrylic - 100 x 50 cm - by Miki

And for those who love bullfight and wish to buy a print, here you go:

_available in many different sizes and on different supports like Fine Art paper or canvas)

Sell Art Online


One Response to “Back to The Bulls”

  1. Joël Says:

    Miki, je me montre égoiste : je ne pense pas à la fatigue mais seulement au plaisir de découvrir ces nouvelles peintures, toujours aussi pleines d’énergie !

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