Racing through the Water

As I had to reopen my acrylic atelier to fulfil the wishes of some bullfight paintings clients, I decided to finish a painting I started about 2 years ago, when we came back from our first trip through Portugal. we had accidentally attended a powerboats racing World Championship In Barca de Alba, and fascinated by the speed and the movements of the water all around the boats, I had wanted to give it a go on canvas. Why exactly I did not finish the painting at that time, I don’t know but i guess it had to do with the fact that we were moving from Albir to Turre, and this was connected with loads of work and stress.

Anyway I finished it this morning, and I am happy with the result! It makes me want to start a sport series again, with much water, or much snow,  these nature elements which move a lot when human start to fight their way across them… I would love to do them in acrylic, but well, where should I go with the finished canvasses? My gallery is really full, part of the flat too, and I don;t want to get again that feeling of suffocating under my own art! I know, an awful reason not to paint, but watcha gonne do” as Tony Soprano uses to say  🙂

And for those who love powerboats and wish to buy a print -available in many different sizes and on different supports like Fine Art paper or canvas- here you go:

Photography Prints


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