Mind Your Head

Not meant to be an art piece really. I just fancied doing it.

We have at home a wood sculpture of The Thinker by Rodin, and in front of him, we have put one of these stickers with “Mind your head” written on it, which one normally finds above low doorways. I just find it hilarious!

Available somewhere as T-Shirt if somebody thinks he/she needs such a thing to be reminded of taking care of his/her head… ME for example!

Apart from that, I am still busy with the bulls…. I have by the way created a small Bullfighting art site in Spanish, in case this might be the reason why I sell my bullfight paintings everywhere…. except in Spain!  🙂

Well, it is not finished yet… and I had no much choice for the design, and above all i haven’t got a clue how to get rid of the bloody advertising on the top of the page!



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