Homage to a Fan

This morning when I got up,  I went though my mails, as usual. I do now want to appear arrogant, but i do get quite often nice mails from people from all around the world, who like what I do. Well, whatever they say, it is always wonderful to read their appreciation, to think that they took the time write to me  and let me know how they feel about my art.

Well, this morning I found a very short message in my Art Site Guest-book, and I must say that this was one of the most beautiful and charming comments I have ever received:

“… I’d love to live in the world you have created in your paintings…”

Not many words, not complicated esoteric or deep philosophical considerations, just that… JUST WONDERFUL!

I don’t know why exactly it touches me so deeply. i started thinking about what is this world in my paintings, as it certainly does not correspond to the real world, but neither to a dream world of me, as I never dream, at least not awake. But I do know that I dream much and vividly nights… is it my Night World?

Well, if it is, and considering how exhausted I often awake in the morning after  dream-filled  nights, I am not sure that I would love myself to live in my paintings world!  🙂

Not sure I would love to meet that CATalonia here…

New CATalonia

If anybody here wants to buy a print of New CATalonia it is available in different sizes and on different supports 9papers, canvas), in my FAA Gallery here:

Art Prints


2 Responses to “Homage to a Fan”

  1. Joël Says:

    Bonjour Miki,
    quel joli commentaire ! Nous sommes sans doute plusieurs à regretter ne pas l’avoir fait nous-mêmes…
    Bien à toi.

  2. Miki Says:

    Bonjour Joël, et merci!
    Et vive les Rams! 🙂

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