Painting The Music

I have created a new site. I hear many people saying:

“another one?!”

and indeed I have already so many sites, galleries, blogs, artists communities!

But well, if I get an idea, there is no way my brain will come to rest until I have realised it. So better do it at once than suffering under the permanent assaults of my frustrated grey cells.

Well, a certain time ago I stated making music paintings, and  I grew into it. In fact it started really with my Michael Jackson series, but also before as I painted BCSweet, Kev Moore‘s band. And now I have a pretty good collection of these wonderful music heroes, and I intend to paint many more.

Also Kevin has rediscovered his artist soul and started to create artworks too, in a very personal style. Some of them feature musicians, of  course, like this one

C-Lo Pink, by Kev Moore.

(click on the image if you want to buy a print online)

And also I have a wonderful artist friend in the USA. Pamela Allegretto-Franz, whose musicians are now gigging all the time in our home here in Spain. Here are the first ones who flew to us, “The Cool Jazz trio”

"Cool Jazz Trio", by Pamela Allegretto-Franz

(click on the image if you want to buy a print online)

This is why I thought I thought of a website entirely dedicated to music and dance0 paintings. It was complicated as I needed a multi-user possibility, so that people can upload their own stuff, and also, considering the amount on money I already spend on maintaining all my sites, I could not spend much more. So the site is a compromise, but well, it does the job. And we three love the name


If any artist is interested in participating and exhibiting their music and dance art there, please leave a comment here or contact me per email.


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