Tango Time

Motivated by my brand new website

“Painting The Music”

dedicated to music and dance artworks, I have started a new series “The Tangoscapes”. I was often asked to make some tango art works, but I always refused. Somehow I am not so keen of the dance itself, it seems too sophisticated to me. Perhaps too sexual too. Or is it a modern evolution? I have noticed that they do it with flamenco too, flamenco has million of aficionados, many women all around the world learn it, more or less professionally. But for my taste they add too much sexuality to the dance itself, and I don’t believe that it was originally meant as such. Concerning tango, I don’t know enough about it, I can’t judge.

Anyway until now tango was not inspiring me.

Because of my new website, I had a thought. Thinking I might try to paint it in another way as one normally does. Less sexual, putting weight in the atmosphere. Or  adding a background story, kind of. Of course , knowing myself very few about tango, I might totally miss the point! But to be honest,  it dies not matter to me, as long as I like the result, and have fun doing it!

Tangoscape 02 - by Miki

(inspired by the man character, whom I saw in a video)

By the way, if you want to exhibit your music/dance art

in the new site,

contact me please.

f anybody here wants to buy a print of my Tangoscape (or others), it is available in different sizes and on different supports (papers, canvas), in my FAA Gallery here:

Sell Art Online


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