Another kind of Artwork: Blue Odyssey

If you still don’t know it yet, it simply means that you are badly informed – shame on you! My partner, the English Rocker Kev Moore has written a new album, called “Blue Odyssey”.

It just arrived to us in Spain, fresh from the English press, and it looks great!

Of course, it must look great as an artist did the whole design… guess who?

Oh my God, praising myself? I seem to be in a very funny mood today.. I suppose it is because our football team Derby County, “The Rams”.  is suddenly doing so great… if you don’t know that either, this really means that you are very badly informed, BIG shame on you!

Anyway, as I said I did the design. A tough job, 6 panels, meaning 6 designs plus the disc label. Kevin wanting mostly photos from our trip to the USA on there, I was a little bit restricted in my creativity, but well, there was still room for artistic stuff. The cover had to be mainly blue, because of the title. But I could not help adding some very colourful stuff, and I found the guitar (one of a series displayed around the city) seen in Austin just perfect to this aim. The place names on the sidewalk are the stops on our Blue Odyssey.

Blue Odyssey - The Cover

One of my favourite designs on the album is “The Fence”. This is the Panel where he gives all the credits to everybody. By the way, I act not only as CD designer, but also as “Productive Executor”…

The third panel represents a fence, a photo taken by Kevin if I remember well. As I saw the photo it reminded me of the the skylines in the USA, so I added very discreetly a representative building of Nashville and one from Austin on 2 bars of the fence. I just adore it (sorry for the self compliments!)

Blue Odussey - The credits

And also I like the disc label. Mister Kev Moore in the form of the Statue of Liberty holding a microphone instead of a flame torch.

Blue Odyssey - The Disc Label

And if you want to know what is under the disc (and of course within the disc, meaning the music), you will have to buy the album! You get it on-line from Miki’s Mart

or by contacting me.

An 18 track CD over 75 minutes running time, celebrating Kev’s trip around the Music Heartland of America in the early part of 2010.

It is presented in a full-colour 6-panel Digipak with original artwork & photos.

Featuring guest musicians from America and Europe.

And if you want to buy a print of The Fence, just go to my FAA Gallery

Photography Prints


One Response to “Another kind of Artwork: Blue Odyssey”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Congratulations to you and to Kev on an extraordinary creative offering! I love your new dance and music series too!

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