Painting Africa 01

I want to introduce you today to a new artist who joined my new website “Painting the Music”, totally dedicated to Music and Dance Artworks. His artist name is BARRY, he was born in Rwanda, studied arts there and is now living in Cameroon. Living from tone’s own art is not possible there (like in most of the other places of the world, but there it is of course even more difficult), and he chose to make a career in Book Cover Design. This is by the way how I met him some weeks ago, an exciting project which includes me, more concretely one of my Obama portraits, is taking shape right now.. more details will be published here when the project has come to completion.

Anyway I asked Barry if he had some African music and dance paintings, and indeed he has!. To my delight he agreed to join my World of painting the music, and he has published there already 6 African dance paintings.I would appreciate you all to have a look at his paintings, and if possible, to support him in anyway you can. He has his artwork for the first time in internet, a totally new world has opened to him, and I want him to enjoy it as much as possible! I tell you, that guy has much courage, much talent and much heart! This should be rewarded…

Intore Dance from Rwanda - by BARRY

This painting is available  as original (gouache, 21 x 29 cm) Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in Barry’s FAA Gallery:

Sell Art Online

By the way, if you want to exhibit your music/dance art

in my new site “Painting The Music”,

contact me please.


2 Responses to “Painting Africa 01”

  1. Emma Says:

    tout simplement splendide !
    Elles nous donnent envie de danser avec elles !

  2. kevmoore Says:

    Wonderful, Barry! It’s great to see Africa through your eyes in this expressive and colourful way of evoking the music and dance of that mysterious and vibrant continent. Good luck with your art internet adventures!

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