I was once an alpha snake…

About 2 years I moved from Albir, on the Costa Blanca  of Spain, to Turre, Costa Almeria, about 300 kilometres southerly. I have put my house for sale there, well, the worst moment ever as due to the economical crisis, houses in Spain were no more wanted, people having troubles enough to keep their home in their own country.. Needless to say they have no money for a holiday house! 2 years later the situation has not changed much, unfortunately, my house is still unsold!

It has the huge advantage that I can take much time to empty the house, an unpleasant task generally. Always when I go there, i throw away a little bit, or take things with me. Last time, I took with me all the folders containing old paintings and sketches, in the intention to go through and throw away what was not worthy to be kept.

From time to time now,  I am going through these old paintings. I don’t like to do it,it is not always easy to make a choice what to keep or what not, and perhaps the best would be to throw everything away without having a look. But Kevin forbids it…

Anyway, the other day I found a drawing from a very long time ago: 1989! Perhaps even 1987, I am not sure what my eyes read there. It must be one of the rare works from that time still existing, or at least still in my possession.I wonder if I will find some more in these foldings… According to my character, I always left everything behind when I move from a place to another, and I moved often in these last 23 years…

So here it is, a Rarity! I call it “Sorrow”.. and indeed it was for me a sorrow time

Sorrow - by Miki

Sketching of an old man in Spain…

Most interesting is the signature, at the bottom left hand side.

Alpha Signature - by Miki

These times I was not called “Miki”, neither as a person nor as an artist. My nickname was “Momo”,  my artist name was “Alpha”. Alpha like in Alpha and Omega. Like The Beginning and The End. I was married with an artist,  “Omega” was his artist name… I put the Greek letter symbol for Alpha, and even drew it in form of a cobra snake. My God, I hate snakes! And I don’t think anything in my character is snaky! What a strange idea it was! Although I must admit that the signature is quite beautiful!  🙂

And as usual, this painting is available  as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:

Photography Prints


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