Sunset Symphony

Sunset 14 - by Miki

I don’t know why that title popped up to my brain.. sounds good I find, at least to my French ears.

I am revisiting right now drawers full of paintings from the last 4 years, especially a big series of tiny gouache landscapes paintings, from fantasy in quite minimalist impressionist style, they were thought more as exercises to search for exciting colours combinations. They have never been exhibited or seen by anybody else than me so far. Well rediscovering them was a nice surprise, and I am busy now  with the digitalisation, titulisation and Internetlisation of them. Quite a job, but well, I like them, and as far as I am concerned they are worth to be put on the market! The kind of paintings I imagine on the bedroom walls of big hotel chains…

Most of them will land in my series “Times of The Day”, watercolour and gouache  paintings featuring different times if the day:

dawn, early morning, midday, afternoon, sunset, nightfall…

Today I will present you some of the sunsets.

Sunset 15 - by Miki

Sunset 10 - by Miki

And as usual, this painting is available  as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:

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Photography Prints


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