Nashville Nights

Nashville Nights 01 - by Miki

After The Memphis and New Orleans Nights,  I’m now starting a new series about the Nashville Nights. All of these paintings are kind of artistic collages, putting together different elements I have seen in each of these towns during my 2 month USA trip through the Southern States in January/February 2010.
Most of them are done in a mixed technique starting with a first level in a classical technique (pastel, acrylics, gouache) and finished with digital art to reach some special effects and vibrancy.
The first Nashville nights paintings can be seen here in my FAA Gallery. Mainly  featuring the Hard Rock Cafe and that wonderful emblematic building of the AT&T. I had never thought before that a skyscraper could be so beautiful, it really was a revelation.

My partner the English rock musician (lead singer, bass player and song writer) Kev Moore has written a whole album, “Blue Odyssey”, 18 track CD, celebrating that trip. Please check his website if you are interested in more info and purchasing the CD.

And as usual, this painting is available  as Giclee print, in different sizes and different formats, in my FAA Gallery:

Art Prints

By the way, if you want to exhibit your music/dance art

in my new site “Painting The Music”,

contact me please.


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