Austin Nights 01

After Memphis and Nashville nights, I have now started the series of Austin Nights, commemorating that wonderful time we spent in the USA in January/February 2010. This series is a little bit weird, almost surrealistic, bringing elements together I had seen in the towns. Most of the time they will feature musicians playing some instrument somewhere, and most of the time, on roofs, traffic lights, trees,  etc… I always loved Marc Chagall’s Fiddler on a roof, this might be an unconscious reminiscence of it….

Austin Nights 01 - By Miki

As in many other American towns, I was fascinated by some skyscrapers. Before America, I never thought I could ever be aesthetically attracted by these kind of buildings! Well, this one in Austin was gorgeous, especially by night. And it will haunt some of my Austin paintings, this is for sure! On the traffic light holding his guitar is Stevie Ray Vaughn, Austin’s legendary guitarist. I had seen his statue in the town park, the painting of him is based on it.

And if you are interested in buying a Giclee print of this portrait, it is available in many different sizes and on different supports – Papers, canvasses, etc.) in my FAA Gallery.
Photography Prints
We have in the family another product resulting from that trip: Kev Moore’s CD “Blue Odyseey”

18 track CD over 75 minutes running time, celebrating Kev’s trip around the Music Heartland of America in the early part of 2010.

It is presented in a full-colour 6-panel Digipak with original artwork & photos.

Featuring guest musicians from America and Europe.

Cover Design by lil ol’ me!

Blue Odyssey - By Kev Moore

Available online in Miki’s Mart


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