Austin Nights 04 – Nutz McGee

One night in February 2010 in Austin Kev Moore – the greatest musician of all time… you don’t know him” Shame on you! 🙂 – climbed up a tree with his guitar and had coffee and cookie with his favourite friend

Nutz McGee

one of these Austin cute squirrels!

Austin Nights 04 – by Miki

Now Kev Moore did a wonderful close-up portrait of Nutz Mcgee

Nutz Mc Gee - By Kev Moore

And here are his words about him:

“Nutz McGee is one of a dying breed of rare blue squirrel, found in the Mississippi Delta and parts of Texas. Nutz has made the blues harp his instrument of choice, and following a long stint in the Betty Ford clinic, has managed to resist stuffing the money he makes busking into his cheeks and collects it in a plate instead. He doesn’t eat much, but likes to take Coffee and Cinnamon swirls in trees with other musicians when the occasion presents itself.
Now I know it’s a bit mental, a squirrel taking up the blues harp, but well, he’s Nutz isn’t he?”

And if you are interested in buying a Giclee print of these paintings, they are available in many different sizes and on different supports – Papers, canvasses, etc.) in our FAA Gallery. Just click on the widgets please, and here you are, ready to spend money!  🙂

Photography Prints

Photography Prints


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