Unravelling - by Miki

Some words about the creation process of this piece.

It was originally a gouache painting of Nightfall, one from my watercolour/gouache series “Times of The Day” which have never been exhibited, neither in the real world nor on the net. I liked it a lot as it was, but somehow I had worked on so many similar ones these last few weeks, that I wanted to do something more out of it.

Who knows what inspired me to add the silhouette of the black cat behind the foreground field line!

It was certainly the result of an association in my brain, which is, according to my experience, the way how my creativity works. I won’t enter into deep considerations about how the brain works, but I think I have found out that my own is very quick at creating association chains, and going from the first link of the chain to the last with lightning speed. Personally, I think that the basis of creativity is the ability to build these chains and to consciously use them.

Anyway, after the cat had arrived, I missed something in the foreground. Considering the expression of the cat’s eyes, I thought it needed to be something which teases him, and stops him going across the landscape. I thought of course of a mouse, Too simple. Then of a bird. Too simple. And anyway, both too cruel.  Kev Moore had the idea of the wool ball, and I loved it at once! This is the great thing when you live with another creative person, it always helps when you are stuck somewhere. Kevin inspired me on so many occasions already…

The title of the painting, “Unravelling”, is from Kevin too!

I posted that painting 2 days ago in my different galleries online. Here are, so far, my favourite comments about this painting:

“Miki I do always see a story within your art works, labyrinth, looking for string to go back to safety, curious eyes wanting to see behind the obvious…

Nice story telling art.”

“Looks 3 D. Love the ball of yarn!”

“A really nice painting. I like the light effects and all the subtle things going on in the purples”

And if you want to buy a reproduction of this painting, it is available as greeting card, poster and Giclee print canvas in my FAA Gallery

Photography Prints


One Response to “Unravelling…”

  1. wrjones Says:

    This is a very very beautiful painting Miki –

    Merry Christmas

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