CATch Me if You Can

Inspired by one of my last paintings, “Unravelling”, which I presented in this blog some days ago, I have started a new series of paintings and artworks featuring cats. I call this series


Many of them should illustrate some kind of word play on the word “cat”, like the title of the series itself. As far as possible of course… I cannot say that I love cats, I don’t really, although I had a wonderful one when I was a child, whose name was “Caramel” because he loved caramels. But generally, I don’t trust them. This is for me reason enough not to like them.

Having said that, I find them very beautiful, and quite inspiring for paintings. As a result of my “unlove”, they might not have always the best role in my paintings, but well… just one more of my artistic freedoms!

CATch Me if You Can - by Miki

One of my favourite comments so far about this artwork id from my artist friend Pamela Allegretto

“Oh Miki, you totally captured the mood of many a childhood nightmare. Great work!”

You might understand that, like me, she is not a big cats fan…  🙂

And if you want to buy a reproduction of this painting, it is available as greeting card, poster and Giclee print canvas in my FAA Gallery

Art Prints


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