In Search of Lost Hope…

Illustrations by Emmanuel Baliyanga

Some time ago I presented a new artist to you, new to me and new to most of the world I reckon – Emmanuel Baliyanga, born in Rwanda and now living in Cameroon. Apart from being an accomplished artist, he is working right now in a book publishing company, making books designs and covers. In the meanwhile, we have developed a great relationship, and I gradually discover this wonderful guy who never ceases to surprise me,

I managed to convince Emmanuel to start showing his work in the internet, something he thought was impossible as I met him, considering the little logistic facilities in his country. He did not realise. I think, that it does not matter where you are, as long as you can get a connection to the internet, you can always exhibit your work there without facilities of your own, apart from the possibility to digitally photograph or scan your work.. I explained to him that there are now many galleries for artists on the net, where you can upload your work, have your own exhibiting space, etc. There is not really something like Africa on the net.

Well, the result being that Emmanuel has now got his own gallery in Fine Art America, in Art Majeur and in my 2 theme sites Painting by Countries and Painting the Music. Recently he has even started his own blog, called “Painting Africa”. I am extremely impressed by his work, his courage and his intelligence. His past life has been a tragedy, and has destroyed in him the ability to hope, but when I see all these qualities which inhabit him, I can’t help to hope that he will find hope again. I have no doubt that the world will love to discover him and his work, as I have done,  and we all together will certainly contribute to give him his hope back.

I post here an example of a work he did. He illustrated a dictionary about Negro-African celebrities. the dictionary is full of portraits by him of these celebrities. He also designed the cover, which I found wonderful. And if you want to see more,  especially the back cover of the book, go to his blog.

He will post regularly there his new paintings, and also his past work, books illustrations, newspapers caricatures, etc.


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