Born To Be a Star

Today, working on my new series of impressions (these weird paintings which start with an acrylic  background created in a quite random way, letting Mother Nature play with colours and water and Paper), I had a great idea, connected  to a little boy called Cohen, my partner’s Grandson. He was born just before Christmas 2009.One of the impression paintings was like a wonderful white flower, and I just had the vision of little newborn Cohen in the heart of that flower.

Born To Be A Star - by Miki

Then the title came to my mind, “Born To Be A Star”.

And then I thought: it is really not easy to become a Star nowadays…

Then came this fabulous idea:

All earning raised from sales of prints and greeting cards (for new birth announcements, etc.) of this painting will be put into a savings account for him, which he will receive when he is 18. This should help him in the expensive business of becoming a Star!!!

So people, if you like this painting, and want to help us to raise a star (not that we know if he has any kind of talent yet  :-), you can buy a Giclee print/Greeting card directly online by clicking on the widget below!

Photography Prints


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