New Art Gallery in Turre : El Retiro

I live in Turre, a very small town in the north of Andalusia, at the foot of some marvellous mountains and about 5 kilometres away from the coast and the tourist- busy Mojacar. I love it here, it still has that typical Spanish atmosphere which always made me dream of living in Spain.

One month ago I heard some wonderful news: A new Art Gallery, “El Retiro”,  has opened here! It is mainly to exhibit the work of local artists, a wonderful opportunity for all of us. The owner, Curtis Helm, has spent 2 years renovating the building using local stones from the river bed to create the gallery. It also has a very rustic beamed ceiling, which adds to the warm ambience. The exhibiting space is a really lovely place and I am sure that each artist will love to exhibit his work there. Also, Curtis had the ingenious idea to open the gallery only on Fridays – market days, ensuring this way loads of visitors in the very short time of 4 hours.  This has for us artists the advantage of not having to be present everyday for some few visitors, something that happens in most of the culture centres of Spain. I personally love this idea, and also the fact that it is without formalities. There in El Retiro, I really find the freedom and unconventionality I need. In fact, the lack of liberty and the complicated formalities are exactly what made me stop organising exhibitions and instead turning my business to the net, where everything is much simpler, much freer and much more lucrative! But of course, the experience of exhibiting on the net is very different, much less satisfying from the human point of view. But in El Retiro, I guess we artists will have the best of both worlds!

A big thanks to Curtis for that wonderful idea and the great job he did!

I am happy to announce that I will have my first exhibition at El Retiro next Friday, the 28th of January. It will be focussed on my bullfight paintings, a selection of my acrylics and gouache works. Most of the readers of this blog are from overseas, so I doubt they will have a chance to pay me a visit there, but well, at least they can be in thoughts with us!

This is en example of one of my latest acrylics works, which I will exhibit on Friday.

And if you can’t come to the exhibition you can buy the original painting  (  🙂  ) by contacting me. And if you haven’t got enough money for it, you can still buy a Giclee print or even a greeting card… just click on the widget below.

Art Prints


2 Responses to “New Art Gallery in Turre : El Retiro”

  1. Joël Says:

    Nous ne pouvons qu’être contents et ravis pour toi que cette galerie soit un endroit de liberté comme tu le désirais. Je te souhaite un franc succès pour vendredi prochain et je t’assure de mes meilleures pensées.
    Suerte !

  2. Miki Says:

    Merci Joël, et… bonne année!

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