Mugs back in The Shack

I love coffee cups and I love painting  them… is there still in the world somebody ignoring that important fact?  🙂

About 3 years ago I exhibited for the first time some of my beloved mugs paintings  in a new cafe-bakery in Turre called “The Pasty Shack”. We loved to go there and get our warm baguette everyday. Unfortunately the Shack closed and my mugs came back home.

Some months ago the Shack reopened its doors with new owners from the UK, Neil and Mags. But this time as  a cafe-bakery and restaurant. Shortly before Christmas we went there for a typical English Christmas dinner including Turkey, with a chestnut stuffing, pigs in blanket, roast potatoes. carrots, Brussel sprouts and cabbage and crispy onion. The whole lot crowned by an incredible Christmas pudding. I have never before had an English Christmas menu in my life, and I know the best way to describe my feeling is:

I want it again next year!

We deeply enjoyed our meal and the whole atmosphere of the new shack. One day in January we went back there to try some of the other English specialities. I had seen on the menu “Jacket Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese”, and me being a huge fan of potatoes and cheese, I had to have them.

Well, what a delight for my tongue and tummy!!!!!

And when I think that my arrogant French compatriots say that English food is a nightmare, I must say, even at the risk of being ‘disenfrenchised’:

they haven’t got a clue about food, these Froggies!!!!!

While we were waiting for the meal, Neil came to our table asking if we knew a certain Miki. Yes, we did…  🙂 He had found on the net in a blog a post about the old Pasty Shack, showing some photos of coffee mugs by Miki. He asked if I still had them, as he would love to have them back in the Shack.

So, this afternoon Kevin went to The Pasty shack and hung my Mugs back up… I am glad that they are there, they love the smell of English food and it it is like a second home for them!

Mikis Mugs in The Pasty Shack in Turre

“If it were not for caffeine, I’d have no personality whatsoever…”

Miki's Mugs in The Pasty Shack in Turre

If you can’t come to the Pasty Shack to buy a print or greeting cards of my mugs, just click on the widget below

Photography Printsand browse around in my shop online.

But if you want some English turkey or jacket potatoes, I am sorry, I don’t sell them in my shop online, you will have to come personally to The Pasty Shack in Turre, Andalucia!


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