In Search of Duende: Buxton Festival in The Peak District

Three weeks ago I received a lovely mail with following words:

Dear Miki

I’m writing from Buxton Festival, an opera, classical music and literary festival in Derbyshire, UK. We’re just about to go to print with our 2011 brochure and we’re trying to find an image to use for the brochure entry of one of our afternoon concerts ‘In search of Duende – the Spirit of Spain’. I came across your wonderful Flamencoscape 05 painting which I think captures some of the emotional intensity and power associated with ‘Duende’, and wondered if you would be happy for us to use this image….”

Flamenco Art by Miki

I, and above all, Kevin, was over the moon. As I replied to the lady, Kevin is from Derby, (with family from Matlock) so he knows the Buxton festival very well. And we both have even been together in Buxton and I was sketching with a deep pleasure in the Peak District on our way back from a long trip from Spain to the North of Scotland.

I am very happy and proud to announce that this painting has now been chosen to represent not only the Spanish afternoon concert, but also the whole music section in the printed brochure. I was also happy to hear that the singer of the “Duende” piece and the director really liked the image. What more can I ask as an artist!!!

The Brochure

The Buxton Festival which will take place this year from the 9th to the 27th of July (2011).

As written in their website, the festival is

“A feast of opera, music and literature, set in the beautiful Peak District”

I wished I were there, really. Not only because I love opera, music and literature, but because I love the Peak District too. As I said before, we have been there on our way up to Scotland, almost 3 years ago now, and also on the way back.We were in Buxton itself too, a beautiful town as I remember. It was even sunny that day, although the whole trip so far had taken place under rain. In the Peak District I adored the fields full of sheep, the tiny little stone houses and the long little stone walls crossing the fields everywhere …

After visiting Buxton, I spent the rest of the day in the countryside, sketching the sheep and the stone walls!

The Peak District - by Miki

Travelsketches in inks and watercolour

The Peak District - by Miki


One Response to “In Search of Duende: Buxton Festival in The Peak District”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful honor to have your art chosen to represent this festival. Brava!

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