2011 Valentines Countdown 10: A Town in Love

Valentines Art Competition in Turre

Photo by Curtis Helm, owner of our new Art Gallery “El Retiro” in Turre

Curtis has had a great idea for the next exhibition in “El Retiro” in our town Turre, Andalucia. Each artist should exhibit a piece which is directly related to Valentines and Love. It will be at the same time a competition, and the winner will win a meal for two in a local restaurant. What a lovely idea, isn’t it?

Kevin and me will exhibit each one artwork. I wished  our artists friends could be with us that day and exhibit a Valentines piece too! And after that, we would all go together for a Valentines meal, winner or not of the competition! I am here thinking of our wonderful friends Pamela and Shelley in the USA and Emmanuel in Cameroon.

I will do photos by the exhibition next week, and publish them here, as I am sure this will be great. An art gallery full of love art, this really speaks to my heart!

In the meanwhile Curtis has already set up the exterior decoration with that gigantic heart above the door. The whole town seems in love now, this is so much FUN!

A heartfelt thanks to Curtis and his wife Barbara for this Initiative and all the efforts they put into making our artist life more exciting!

I will take the occasion to start down my Countdown to Valentines… i will make everyday a post showing you one of my love artworks… the one exhibited will be published here on the exhibition day, Friday the 11th of February 2011.


One Response to “2011 Valentines Countdown 10: A Town in Love”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    What a LOVEly idea. And what a treat to view a little corner of your charming town. best wiches to all the participating artists.

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