2011 Valentines Countdown 09: Love Always Wins

Love Always Wins - by Miki

As I announced in my post yesterday, I will do the Countdown to Valentine’s Day – posting one of my artworks related to love everyday until the 14th of February.  Some days ago, the publisher of our monthly local magazine, The Sentinella, said to me, speaking about the February edition:

“It will be full of love, hearts and Valentine everywhere!”

I laughed and answered”

“Well, is there something more important?”

And indeed for me there is not.

LOVE to my partner, to my family and to my friends.

LOVE of life.

LOVE of Nature

LOVE of what I do

and last but not least, LOVE of myself. This part not always being the easiest one…  🙂

And I genuinely believe that LOVE always wins. Perhaps not always right now, not always right here, but always some day somewhere, perhaps when and where you least expect it, it wins.

And if you are one of these unlucky people proving the rule of exception, well, LOVE itself gives so much warmth, to oneself and to the other, it is always worth it in the moment of the act, even if eventually it loses….



One Response to “2011 Valentines Countdown 09: Love Always Wins”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    I LOVE this post. And you are right to love yourself. It’s been said that in order for anyone to truely love us, we muct first love ourselves.

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