2011 Valentines Countdown 06: CATching Love

CATching Love - by Miki

(A painting from my series “CATalogue”, all featuring CATs.)

I remember when I posted this painting in one of my websites, a woman commented:

“This cat looks pretty scared…”

and I answered

“Well, I guess he knows that love can be pretty scary!”

I never belonged to these kind of people who try to protect themselves against love, after having been hurt, or even  heartbroken. To consciously decide not to ever again have a love relationship, I can understand that, even if I don’t approve of it. How could I approve: LOVE to me is the most amazing, exciting and beautiful thing in the world! But to enter a love relationship and to put your foot on the brake every time one feels one is getting too emotionally engaged, risking to fall really in love, this to me does not make sense. It is certainly the quicker way to fail in the relationship and to end one’s days in bitter loneliness.

I much more prefer people who know how painful love can be, but who cannot resist to fall in love, again and again, until they find the right one. The fear is bigger every time, but at least they do it. Like that totally panicked cat who is trying to catch as many hearts as possible!


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One Response to “2011 Valentines Countdown 06: CATching Love”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    And lucky you, to have found the right one.

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