2011 Valentines Countdown 05: Birds in Love

Birds in Love - by Emmanuel Baliyanga, Rwanda

I want to dedicate this Saint-Valentin Countdown day to my African Godson and wonderful artist Emmanuel Baliyanga, living right now in Cameroon but born in Rwanda. I have presented him in this site before, have also started to tell our story in my French blog “Un Jour, Une Image”. Also a short version of our story will be published in a local magazine in March.

Yesterday Emmanuel made me the big surprise to send me some Valentine paintings, which he wanted to dedicate to Kevin and to me. We were deeply touched, of course. If you want to see his other Valentines paintings just go to his blog “Painting Africa”. Some days ago I wrote about the Valentine Art Show in our town, where each artist is invited to exhibit a painting related to love and Valentine’s Day. Well, Emmanuel’s Birds in Love will, I hope, be among them, and be an enrichment to this great celebration of love which will be our show.

I wished Emmanuel could be with us that day, but as he said, he will be there with his heart. I know he will.


And if you want to purchase a print or a greeting card of this artwork, just click on the widget below

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2 Responses to “2011 Valentines Countdown 05: Birds in Love”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    This is such a beautiful painting. My compliments to Emmanuel.

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