Valentine and my Bulls

Published in Euro Weekly, Costa de Almeria, 10-16 February 2011

Just found out that I got some extra advertising for mu bullfight paintings in our weekly newspaper: it is very well appreciated,  thanks everybody!

More important though is the upcoming of the Valentine Show tomorrow. Kevin  just brought there our two Valentine paintings, and the ones from

Pamela Allegretto


Emmanuel Baliyanga.

I am immensely happy that our friends, respectively from the USA and Rwanda, will be there with their he-ART! Thank to Curtis Helm for giving us this opportunity!

Kevin told me that there are many exciting pieces to be seen, Fine Art and Craft Art. I can’t wait to see all that tomorrow!

One Response to “Valentine and my Bulls”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    Congratulations on this nice newspaper article. How wonderful that they featured this fabulous painting. Thanks for including me in the Friday art exhibit. I wish I could be there. But know that I will be there in spirit.

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